Fun facts

Peek behind the curtain and see what makes me unique. My closest friends reveal my fascinating quirks and oddities.

Ricco is allergic to tomatoes, making it really difficult when ordering pizza!

He has only read two fiction books in his entire life – and that was in elementary school!

Nominated best birthday host worldwide whilst working at McDonald’s in 1998!

You can’t have a decent drink with him because he doesn’t drink alcohol! And he’s never been drunk!

Hates bad weather and eating fish!

Doesn’t believe in auto corrector in smartphones – he’d rather do the job himself!

If Ricco was a woman he would most definitely wear high heels all day long!

He can actually type more than 400 characters per minute on a keyboard!

He loves the tools used at the dentist and the drilling sound they make (weird!)

Ricco loves anything that sounds British and Queen’s English!

At the age of 6 he had his leg stitched up. Because he was terrified at the made-up thought of having to go through a sewing machine, the nurses decided to glue it instead!

Ricco forgot how to ride a bike after having his bike in storage for a few years. He was not able to get back on it and it took him days to get the hang of it!

Ricco was educated as a fully trained firefighter during his military service and can drive huge fire trucks!

Never throw a ball at Ricco. He simply just cannot catch it nor even kick it for that matter!

Ricco was really bad at reading and writing and got the lowest grades in his class – that is – until he got a computer at age 14!