A lovely trip to Cyprus… two actually!

It’s Friday morning and I just got airborne on flight CY3280 from Larnaca airport in Cyprus on my way to Amsterdam and then a transit for Aalborg in Denmark.

It is always somehow relaxing and inspiring to write when in the air. Here is a flashback of the last few days:

It is Saturday and I am relaxing on the sofa at the house in Denmark. Looking out the window where it is all grey and outside it is still just above freezing. Spring is on its way but it is still cold.

I just returned from Cyprus on Thursday after a couple of intensive workdays with some of the people from work.

Looking at the trees trying to see if there is any sign of spring. Nope, not yet.

I am reaching out for my iPad to have a look at my calendar and prepare myself for the upcoming week.

There are only a couple of planned Skype calls and a few physical meetings at the Danish office and my first coming lecture is next Monday.

The dog just placed his head on the iPad with the I-want-to-play-look-eyes. I guess I better get on the floor and fool around.

While taking a break from the playing I just dreamed of being back in the sunny and warm Cyprus weather that I just left.

Well, I could theoretically just fly back! The few physical meetings planned next week I can just turn into Skype calls

I text one from work if she can take the dog while I would be away just to check if it even was possible. Before I even had to time to put down the phone a text ticked in saying “He is so very welcome”.

She is so very kind to take care of Lucas the dog when I have to travel. She have an older golden retriever and the two play so well together.

Back on the iPad to check out flight schedules. I really hope there are some good connections. The last time I had to fly three legs. That is a real killer for such a rather short distance.

A direct flight from Aalborg to Amsterdam and then a 50 minutes transfer and on a flight to Larnaca. 6 hours 20 minutes.

Looking at the dog. He looked at me. I’ll be back soon Lucas, I told him while I did pick up my credit card from my wallet.

So, I booked a ticket back to Cyprus to work from the company office there. Oh and was the weather much better, oh yes! Sunny and twenty something degrees. That is much more like it.

Just wondered if I should spend some more time in Cyprus

I really love the weather here. Cyprus is a bit warmer than Costa del Sol and compared to Barcelona it is 4-7 degrees warmer. As warm as it can get in Europe I guess this time a year.

It is always a joy meeting the people at the office there and some things are much better doing face to face than using Skype even though it is a great way of communicating.

I went to Limassol yesterday a city on the mid southern part of the island. A much nicer and prettier city than the capital Nicosia where the company office is.

Once again I was indeed reminded how much I enjoying being at the sea. Just to see and hear the lovely blue water makes me want to sit there all day.

I would rather stay in Limassol when I am in Cyprus. A nice place for vacation but not the place for me to live in.

Oh, I just got a tiny bag of peanuts. I just tried to open it five times with no success. Argh… got it!

Barcelona here I come

The other day I spoke with one of my dearest friends on the phone chitchatting and somehow I just realised that I could actually just pack my things and move!

I know my planned lectures for the next half-year and all the new webinars are also just finally scheduled this week. The good thing about the webinars are that I can be anywhere – I just need our studio equipment with me.

I have asked one of my god friends from Copenhagen to come over one of the next days to help me pack my things.

Then just rent a short-term apartment in Barcelona and be there to really learn all the neighbourhoods and arrange viewings right away.

The feelings that you put into your personal belongings

I am pleased that I really do not have that connection or feelings connected to physical things anymore. In my younger years, I somehow needed fancy things e.g. a nice car and I did build my life around my things.

After my first business breakdown where I did loose quite many thing – including my penthouse apartment and dream car back then a huge Audi Q7 – I did indeed learn that it is only things.

Having a nice car, being able to buy things and so makes life more joyful but it does not have anything to do with me having a happy and interesting life.

When you finally got all the great physical things you want in life then they are not worth much anyway. I do like fancy things, lovely hotels, a big car – but it is just all fun. I do just fine with a small hostel room or walking.

That is by the way also one of the great things about Barcelona that I do not need a car. I can walk and there is the great subway.

A laptop, an Internet connection, a place to stay, the sun and warm weather, being able to travel and some pocket money and I’m truly happy. I can work from anywhere and I can travel to my lectures when needed.

Only the dog requires a bit of planning but that is manageable.

A few things to think about.

Until next time – take care.


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