We at Deloitte recognise that Cyprus offers an enviable combination of climate, business and culture. We also understand that relocating to a new country is often a challenge. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is cited as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. Cyprus has an advanced economy and a high human development index (HDI) with regards to living and quality of life.

The Island hosts a large expatriate community, having the third highest percentage of foreign citizen residents in the EU; 12.5% of the total population originating from EU member states and 7.4% from non-EU countries. British nationals comprise the largest expat community whilst Russians and other Eastern European nationals also constitute big expatriate groups. Cyprus is known as a safe and pleasant place to live, with a crime rate of only 6.44 crimes per annum per 1,000 inhabitants, being lower than most other western European countries. Hospitality is one of the most eminent and deeply engrained values of the Island and visitors immediately feel welcome and at home. Furthermore, Cyprus offers generous tax incentives to expatriates relocating to Cyprus. This booklet is designed to ease the transition of individuals relocating to Cyprus, providing an overview of key aspects of living and working in Cyprus such as individual taxation; social security; migration; labour law; employmentsponsored pension plans and other valuable information. It offers a quick guide for employers who consider sending an employee to Cyprus and also for individuals who contemplate relocating to Cyprus. This booklet only presents a broad overview and as simplifications have been made, it does not provide in-depth answers to specific questions. Because of the complexity of the various laws and on-going legislative changes, only brief information is provided. We encourage you to contact our specialists to obtain detailed and upto- date advice specific to your own circumstances.